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Oceans are
in trouble.

Studies show that 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year. It is predicted that by 2034 there will be over 700 million tons of plastic waste in the ocean, and at this rate by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. Plastic can take around 1000 years to decompose and is a huge threat to marine life. The acceleration of climate change is sparking ocean acidification which is threatening biodiverse ecosystems. Marine life is disappearing at a rate that is unprecedented. There are very few global rules and few corporations that put the environment first in their business practices.


Dive Sustainably

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How do we
do this?

We focus on doing as little harm to the environment as possible when manufacturing quality freedive and clothing products made from organic materials and recycled post-consumer goods and plastics. Plastic pollution is particularly concerning to divers and conservationist behind the lens, working toward protecting the ocean. Products are eco-friendly, made without formaldehyde and other toxic substances. Our goal is to expand the market for women’s wetsuits and quality freediving gear while minimizing our environmental impact.


Function as
an Ecosystem


How does a
business do that?

Our business principles coincide with laws of nature to produce a healthy, balanced system. The environment will always take first priority when doing business and we will continue to develop an understanding for our beautiful planet and be of service to it. We use company moral to set the standard of business for future startups and companies. We want to help motivate change in our over consuming culture and inspire individuals to seek visceral experience rather than more unnecessary goods.



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Restore what?

Some ancient civilizations believed that planet Earth was a shark named Cipactli. Our ancestors took care of Cipactli, as they believed it was a living, breathing creature and it gave us all life. Our ancestors were connected to nature in extraordinary ways, and respect for that which gave us life was of highest priority. Today, man and nature are separated more than ever. It is time to restore the connection.

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